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Why You Need Unbreakable Sunglasses And, How to Shop for Them

Why You Need Unbreakable Sunglasses And, How to Shop for Them


There are some buyers out there who will pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a pair of frames that has a name stamped or embossed on the side. Sure, these glasses look cool. They might even offer heightened protection, such as shatter-resistant polarized lenses with excellent UV protection (although some of them probably don’t).

They might as well if they’re going to have the gall to command such a price tag. But you know what other descriptor can often be applied, and accurately, at that, to designer sunglasses? More often than not, they’re downright fragile. Losing or breaking a pair of expensive sunglasses is painful, and it’s a tough pill to swallow.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and you know what, you don’t need to drop serious bills to look cool, either. Whatever happened to being a trendsetter? No one has ever set trends by following norms.

What if we told you that you could look cool and enjoy advanced protection without having to break the bank? What if we told you that you could actually get a pair of unbreakable sunglasses that are as cool or cooler than any pair of designer shades you’re going to see elsewhere?

It sounds to us like unbreakable sunglasses basically pay for themselves. Here’s why everyone who needs a pair of sunglasses should make it an unbreakable pair, or at least keep an unbreakable pair in reserve.

  1. Don’t act like you’ve never sat on your sunglasses before

Let’s be honest, you’ve sat on your favorite pair of shades before. And if you haven’t, you’ve sat on someone’s favorite pair of shades before. Maybe it wasn’t their favorite pair, but you sat on them anyway. And if you haven’t ever sat on a pair of your own sunglasses, someone else is liable to do so.

Fine, maybe you’ve never been witness to this all-too-common crime. Consider yourself lucky - but can you honestly report that you’ve never put a pair of unprotected sunglasses into a bag, only to have the contents of that bag scratch the lenses or crush the frames? Maybe instead what happened was you put a heavy bag on top of a pair of sunglasses in this fashion.

Let’s not even get into the argument that you shouldn’t let your sunglasses free float. You should either wear them or keep them in a case, but hey, people are human, and humans make mistakes.

It’s a rough world out there, and sunglasses aren’t made to be tough. They’re made to shade your eyes. When someone sits or steps on them, most of the time they break. That’s why you need a pair of unbreakable shades. It helps protect your investment and with some luck, the sunglasses will just hold up better for longer.

  1. You can be careful, but drops happen

On a similar note, if you’ve never sat on a pair of your favorite sunglasses, and no one else has sat on them you’re either extremely prudent or extremely lucky. Or maybe you just don’t wear sunglasses. Either way, you can be as lucky or as careful as you like, but sooner or later, you’re going to drop a pair.

Polarized Sunglasses

You just can’t wear sunglasses without dropping them at some point or other. The daredevils among us will just invert them and place them on the bills of our hats, or stick one of the earpieces in the necks of our shirts; but when we lean too far forward or back, out they tumble. Sometimes it’s onto grass or dirt, and then who carts; but this isn’t always the case. Other times, the fall is into the drink, in which case the glasses might be irrecoverable, or onto the pavement, at which point your frames can break or your lenses can get scratched.

That’s why some conscientious wearers utilize those highly inventive eyewear retention systems (fancy speak for sunglasses straps). They help prevent this, but they don’t protect the eyewear if and when it actually falls.

However, a pair of unbreakable sunglasses, especially a pair with impact-resistant lenses, would stand up much better to this incidental abuse. If you need them, you need them. It’s as simple as that.

  1. If you’re active outdoors, expect incidental contact

Then there are some sunglasses owners that may be careful with how they handle and transport their shades, never sit on them or drop them, and keep them in a case when they aren’t wearing them. Perhaps you are one of these; if so, good, you’ll be less likely to experience frustrating drops or breaks.

Although, if you spend an appreciable amount of time outside playing games or sports, it’s only a matter of time until something gets bounced into or knocked into your sunglasses. Whether you play ultimate frisbee, cornhole, or even something less active, at some point or other, sooner or later, someone or something is going to bump into you.

If you’re more into outdoor activities like fly fishing or rock climbing, that puts you out of the way of incidental contact with other “players” but it does nothing to protect your glasses from the proverbial sticks and stones. And, by the way, if you do drop your glasses down a rock face or into the drink, then you’ll be kicking yourself even harder for not getting an unbreakable pair the first time around.

active sunglasses

The evidence is stacking up and the results are pretty definitive. Unbreakable sunglasses are worth their weight in gold - which wouldn’t be that much gold, since most of our high-quality sunglasses are super lightweight, but the point stands.

  1. Unbreakable sunglasses usually also come with other tough features, like polycarb lenses

Something else that’s highly valuable about most unbreakable shades is that they aren’t simply unbreakable. Those folks that design and develop unbreakable shades know what hazards are out there and they exert themselves to produce quality, protection, and comfort, all in one package.

Many unbreakable shades aren’t just unbreakable. They might have scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant lenses, such as those made from polycarbonate. Polycarbonate, also sometimes affectionately referred to as polycarb, is a synthetic material that is both lightweight and strong. It resists bending, breaking, and scratching and is a highly durable material. Many of our sunglasses are made with polycarbonate lenses and frames and want little in the way of durability.

You might also look for features like more flexible hinges and frames that can better deal with stresses like being stepped on, sat on, or dropped. Unbreakable frames are valuable, but also shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant lenses that will both protect your eyes and themselves. It’s no fun when a pair of glasses is tough but the lenses get all scuffed or scratch up.

  1. The pain of breaking is often worse than the pain of loss

Finally, a good reason to get a pair of unbreakable shades is because sometimes, the pain of breaking a pair is worse than the pain of loss, and if you spend enough time outside, sooner or later both of these unfortunate events will befall you.

However, it’s highly unpleasant to break a pair of sunglasses, especially a pair that you happened to like a lot. If you lose a pair of sunglasses, depending on the circumstances surrounding the loss, there’s always the possibility that you could get the pair back. If you break them, that’s not really the case, at all.

That being said, you could have circumvented most scenarios in which you would have broken those sunglasses simply by getting a more resilient pair.

So, if you’re ready to start looking for a better pair of sunglasses, here are a few things to look for with them.

Not Just Unbreakable Sunglasses

Unbreakable sunnies are nice, but there’s more to a pair of sunglasses than outright toughness. If you’re interested in getting a new unbreakable pair, here are a few other features to score in the bargain that will help to increase the overall value of the pair.

  • Scratch-resistant lenses are a big plus

It’s definitely nice if you can find a quality pair of sunglasses with tough frames that will take a true force of nature to break. But what good is a pair of unbreakable frames when the lenses are prone to scratching? Sand, dirt, gravel, salt accumulation, blacktop and even the inside of a backpack or a duffel bag can all scratch unprotected lenses. Luckily, some shades are made with scratch-resistant lenses which are worth the price. It’s a gigantic annoyance looking through lenses that have been scratched up, and one that’s best avoided.

  • Don’t skimp on UV protection. That’s why you wear sunglasses in the first place

UV protection is also one of the most important features that a pair of sunglasses can offer you, regardless of the name on the frames or whether or not the pair is unbreakable. If the sunglasses don’t do what they’re supposed to do - which is protect your eyes - what does it matter if they won’t break? If it doesn’t work, isn’t it already broken?

A good pair of sunglasses should protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, offering 100% UV protection or close to it. Look for UV 400 protection, which signifies that the lenses can block from 99% to 100% of the sun’s UV radiation.

  • Polarized lenses provide better performance, period

It is also important to remember when shopping for your next pair of unbreakable shades, that there are two broad classes of sunglasses. There are polarized sunglasses, and then there is everything else.

We jest, but there is truth in the statement. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are given a special treatment that helps to block out excess light and certain rays of light. The result is a pair of sunglasses that are drastically more effective at blocking out glare. Polarized sunglasses will keep you more comfortable and enable you to see more clearly at the beach, on the water, in the snow - just about everywhere there’s a lot of glare, in a wide range of light conditions.

  • What makes a pair of sunglasses comfortable

There’s something else you need to look for when you’re out to get a new pair of unbreakable shades, and it’s that you won’t be getting very far with a pair if they prove to be terribly uncomfortable.

Many of our sunglasses are ideally suited to fit a wide range of face shapes and incorporate other ergonomic features as well. If you’re ever shopping for a pair in person and can put them on, make sure they provide plenty of coverage for your eyes, don’t pinch your head behind your ears, and aren’t tight over your nose. Nose pads and grips by the ears will all improve comfort and can also keep your sunglasses from slipping.

  • They have to look cool, right?

Sunglasses while skating

Finally, a pair of sunglasses should have you looking your best as well. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that for many people, sunglasses are as much a fashion accessory as they are a piece of personal protective equipment.

Here at Runaways, we have quite a large collection of entirely unique designs, in unique frame shapes and with a variety of lens styles and colors. We even have sunglasses with anti-reflective coatings, as well as others with mirror lenses that just look downright awesome.

In short, you don’t need to sacrifice original style or a comfortable fit just to get a pair of tough, unbreakable sunglasses. It might take a little bit of searching, but you’ll find that with the right selection you can have it all!

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