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Why Everyone Should Own UV 400 Sunglasses

Why Everyone Should Own UV 400 Sunglasses


At Runaways, we provide a wide range of styles for sunglasses so that people will easily be able to pick out a pair that works perfectly for them. One thing that we are committed to providing amongst all of these various styles is UV protection. We offer UV 400 sunglasses to make sure that with any style someone might like, they will also be receiving the benefits of UV protection at the same time. Since this is something that truly matters to us, we wanted to explain things a little more here so you will understand why it is so important to wear UV protection sunglasses.

UV 400 protected sunglasses on the beach

What Makes UV 400 Sunglasses Special?

Before we can get into what makes UV 400 sunglasses so important for daily wear, we have to explain what they are and what they mean for you. UV sunglasses are designed to shield your eyes from the effects of harmful UV rays. Both UVA and UVB rays are dangerous to your eye health and should be avoided whenever possible. Sunglasses with 400 UV protection can block the effects of ultraviolet rays by reflecting them back and keeping them from ever reaching your eyes. The number 400 represents the measure of protection and basically means that it blocks off 100% of UV rays, so you can feel safe and confident under the sun.

Now that we have that covered, let’s get into some of the exact reasons why you would want to wear UV 400 sunglasses regularly.

UV 400 Protection Sunglasses

Protect Your Eye Health

First and most importantly, wearing UV 400 protection sunglasses can help you to avoid a long list of eye health concerns, some of which are incredibly serious. If your eyes are overexposed to ultraviolet rays, they may develop a number of conditions such as cataracts, pterygium, macular degeneration, photokeratitis, and pinguecula. Not only would you have to be concerned about these frustrating eye conditions, but you would also have to worry about skin or eye cancer forming. And yes, all of this can develop because your eyes were exposed to UV rays. You may not see these things forming right away, but they can slowly develop over the years and become serious issues you will have to deal with eventually.

Improve Your Driving

Another way that consistently wearing your UV 400 sunglasses can help your safety is by improving your vision while driving. This helps you in a very different way than with your eye help, but it holds up nonetheless. Wearing your sunglasses while driving during the day can help to improve your vision so you are not losing sight of the burning sun. This benefits both you and everyone else on the road with you since you will be able to drive more smoothly and comfortably without the light hurting your eyes. Turn it into a habit to wear your glasses while you drive during the day and it will start to feel like second nature.

Sunglasses and cars

Fight Off Wrinkles

One of the physical effects of sun exposure around the eye area is that it can contribute to premature aging. With too much sunlight around your eyes, you may start to notice the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles sooner than you expected or with more definition. The skin around the eyes is delicate and different from the rest of the skin on the face. It is much more vulnerable and will show damage in the form of premature fine lines and wrinkles showing up. Wearing UV protection sunglasses can shield not only your eyes but the skin around your eyes as well as long as they are hidden behind the lenses.

Add to Your Outfit

While this does not impact your physical wellbeing as the previous points did, personal style does make a difference for many. At the very least, having protective sunglasses that suit your style and coordinate with your outfits, may encourage you to wear them more often and for longer durations of time. Find sunglasses that you enjoy the look of, and just keep wearing them.

Sunglasses Style and Skateboarding

Now that you've seen what UV400 protection can do for you and your eyes, you can understand why Runaways is so proud to provide sunglasses with UV protection. We are all about style and substance. Since we knew we could make our sunglasses that much more useful and beneficial, we just had to do it. We had to make eye safety a priority of ours and give that to our customers. These strong, high-quality frames will last you a long time and deliver exactly what you needed them for. So now when you look across our product selection, you can do so with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that these items will serve you well.

If you have any other questions about our frames or UV 400 sunglasses overall, please feel free to ask away. You can email us at WhatUp@WeAreRunaways.com or call 619-736-5301. We are happy to help.

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