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What NEVER to Do With Your Shades

What NEVER to Do With Your Shades


Have you ever thought about what you would do without your favorite pair of sunglasses? What if they broke or got scratched? Sunglasses can be very easy to break or scratch and without them can be harmful to your eyes and your style. There are several great ways you can protect your sunglasses from any accidents happening. Below we will give you some tips on what you should never do with your cool pair of sunglasses to protect them.


Never Put Your Lenses Face Down

Most people will casually put their sunglasses down and think nothing of it, but if the lenses are face down it can easily scratch them. If you're removing your sunglasses, fold them at the temples and make sure that the shade won’t touch any surface. Also, having a sunglasses case is another great idea to keep your sunglasses safe.

Never Clean Your Sunglasses With Your Clothing

Most people do this with their sunglasses and it seems harmless to our sunglasses. However, our clothing has rough fibers in them that can leave scratches on your lenses. We recommend that you use a lens cleaning cloth. You can easily keep this in your sunglasses case. Prevent your stylish sunglasses from getting scratches and make sure you have a sunglasses case and a lens cleaning cloth.

Never Place Your Sunglasses on the Top Of Your Head

This is a very cool, rockin’ look and a lot of people do it. Turns out this is actually really bad for your sunglasses. The more you place your shades on your head the more the sunglasses start to stretch. Eventually they won’t be able to fit you nicely if they’re all stretched out. It’s a cool look to wear on your head, but you don’t want to stretch out your sunglasses. The best thing is to keep them somewhere safe like in a sunglasses case.

Sunglasses on the top of head

Never Throw Your Sunglasses in Your Bag

Most people will casually just throw their sunglasses and their bag like it’s no big deal. It seems so simple to just easily toss your sunglasses into your bag. However, if there are multiple items in your bag your sunglasses can be easily scratched or worse, they could get crushed and break. Protect your sunglasses and put them away safely to prevent scratches or from breaking.

Never Think Your Sunglasses Are Just for a Particular Time of Year

Sunglasses are designed to wear year round. This is awesome because sunglasses are a great stylish feature for your outfit. Wear your sunglasses year round and they will protect your eyes. They protect your eyes when the sun comes out from harmful UV rays. Even during colder seasons when it’s snowing sunglasses are helpful too. Sunglasses can also block any blinding glares you might see during winter or when driving on the road. They can also keep the UV rays away from the skin around your eyes. Sunglasses also can protect your eyes from getting any sand, dirt, or falling snow into your eyes.

Active sunglasses wear

Take Care Of Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses are great protection wear for our eyes. Protect your eyes from anything harmful while creating a rockin’ look at the same time. Sunglasses are very stylish and should be worn year round for your benefit. Take these tips and protect your shades!

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