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What Are The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape?

What Are The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape?


Everyone has different facial features and depending on your face shape, finding the right sunglass style can sometimes feel like a challenge.

Some sunglasses will really boost your best facial features, while others may make you not like yourself or even worse!

While sunglass styles may change through the years and seasons one thing is important. You want to look and feel great in the sunglasses you choose, no matter the occasion.

With so many styles of sunglasses available to us now more than ever, how do you know which pair is the right fit for your face shape?

The First Step:

Answer this question...what is my face shape and size?

- Round
- Heart
- Oval
- Square

Our face shapes also vary in size, so it’s best to also determine if you have a large, medium or small face as well to get the exact sunglass style that will compliment your features.

Ask a family member or friend, look at pictures of yourself, take a selfie, or look in the mirror. Once you have an idea of what your face shape is it’s time to choose sunglasses that will accent your best facial features.

Below we’ve included images and styles of sunglasses that will compliment each of the above face shapes (heart, round, oval, or square).

Sunglasses for Round Faces

A round face has the following characteristics:

- Your face is circular.
- The length and width of your face is the same.
- The width of your jawline and forehead is nearly equal.
- Your chin and jawline is more round and doesn’t have any striking angles or hard lines. 
- Your face is round at the hairline.
- Your face has the most width at the cheekbones.

    Sometimes the list of characteristics isn’t enough to determine if you have a round face. Below we’ve included people and images that have a round face shape for you to compare.

    Women with Round Faces

    Women with Round Faces

    Men with Round Faces

    Men with Round Faces

    Since your face is similar in length and width and has softer features, sunglasses with more angles to them will add some definition to your face.

    Dark colors and gradients on the frames or lenses will bring down the fullness in your face. Adding in thicker, wider frames will also help since they add width to your face. Note: *Stay away from round sunglasses. 

    Here are examples of the best sunglasses for round faces:

    Rectangle Sunglasses - Eye Buy Direct

    Nevada Square Brown Striped Sunglasses Eye Buy Direct

    Oxford Sunglasses - Kraywoods

    Oxford Sunglasses Kraywoods

    Aqua Drift - Runaways

    Aqua Drift Sunglasses Runaways

    Velzyland Sunglasses - Maui Jim


    Velzyland Sunglasses Maui Jim

    Sunglasses for Heart Shaped Faces

    A heart shaped face has the following characteristics:

    - Your face will have a large or wider forehead.
    - Your face angles towards your chin.
    - Your face finishes into a point.
    - Close in resemblance to round faces, but has a wider forehead.
    - Has a skinnier jawline with the cheekbones and forehead remaining the widest part of your face.

    Below are a few people with heart-shaped faces, so you can compare.

    Women Heart Shaped Faces:

    Women with Heart Shape Faces

     Men Heart Shaped Faces

    Men with Heart Shape Faces

    To make your best features stand out on your heart face shape get thin, light frames or even clear frames that have larger bottoms halves to create a balance between the upper portion of your face and the width of your chin. Aviators are always a good option here! Bypass darker color sunglasses since they add to the lines in your face more.

    Check out examples of the best sunglasses for heart shaped faces below:

    Downing Walnut Tortoise - Warby Parker

    Downing Walnut Tortoise Warby Parker Sunglasses

    Heart Rush - Blenders Eyewear

    Heart Rush Blenders Eyewear Sunglasses

    Orange Fury - Runaways

    Orange Fury Runaways Sunglasses

    Sunglasses for Oval Faces

    An oval face shape has the following characteristics:

    - Your face tends to be balanced.
    - Your face is longer in appearance than the width of it.
    - Your jaw is a little bit more narrow than your forehead.
    - Your face does not have very many angles, but rather soft lines.


    Almost every pair of sunglasses will fit great on you because your face is so versatile.

    Note* Keep away from angled style sunglasses, such as rectangular pairs, because they may narrow your face too much. 

    Here are women and men celebrities that have an oval face shape:

    Women with Oval Faces

    - Beyonce

    Women with Oval Faces

    Men with Oval Faces

    Men with Oval Faces

    Here are examples of the top sunglasses for oval faces:

    Solo Mirrored Retro Square Sunglasses - Sunglass Warehouse

    Solo Mirrored Retro Square Sunglasses - Sunglass Warehouse

    After Hours Sunglasses - Quay

    After Hours Sunglasses Quay

    Crystal Blue Sunglasses - Runaways

    Crystal Blue Sunglasses Runaways

    Sunglasses for Square Faces

    A square face shape has the following characteristics:

    - Your face tends to have a more masculine appearance.
    - You have a clear-cut and striking jawline.
    - You have a broader forehead.
    - Your face boasts straight lines and there is less of a recedance towards the chin.

    With a square face, the goal is to tone down those strong lines. Choosing more circular shaped lenses will help to achieve this goal. Note* Steer clear of square or rectangular style sunglasses, since these will make your strong angles pop more and give your head a shortened look.

    Women with Square Faces:

    Women with Square Faces

    Men with Square Faces:

    Men with Square Faces

    Below are some of the best sunglasses for square faces:

    Cat Eye Sunglasses - The Wild Gift Crap Eyewear

    Cate Eye Sunglasses Crap eyewear

    Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

    Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

    Summer Solstice - Runaways

    Summer Solstice Runaways Sunglasses

    Rex Round Sunglasses - Eye Buy Direct

    Rex Round Sunglasses Eye Buy Direct

    While it may be hard to determine your exact face shape this is just a guide line to get you started, so you can determine the best sunglasses for your look. If you have questions comment or send us an email below!



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