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The Top Selling Points of Affordable Sunglasses

The Top Selling Points of Affordable Sunglasses


Looking for a new pair of sunglasses? You’re in the right place; here at Runaways, you can find a ton of unique designs and one-of-a-kind offerings that will impress you and make waves. But something that we also specialize in is providing our customers with affordable sunglasses.

Before you head for the hills, it’s time for you - like so many other shoppers - to reevaluate your first impressions of the word “affordable.” It’s not a bad thing, and it shouldn’t be considered one. In fact, affordable just means you’re getting more for your money than you otherwise would, and who wouldn’t want that?

When Affordable Is not Cheap

What it really comes down to in affordable shades is the difference between affordability and cheapness. Something that is classically “cheap” will not be made to a high standard of quality. With something that is affordable, the quality is there, but it comes at a reduced price.

With that in mind, here are some of the features that you’ll find in many of our sunglasses. As you can see, there’s nothing cheap about them!

  • Excellent UV protection: While sunglasses are a means to exhibit a taste of fashion, we can’t lose sight of the fact that sunglasses are, first and foremost, a form of eye protection against the sun. Many “cheap” sunglasses don’t provide quality protection against harmful UV radiation, but you’ll find top-tier ratings and protection in our shades.

Many of our sunglasses - even those that you might call affordable - have UV400 protection, which means that the lenses block out UV radiation in wavelengths to 400 nanometers. In other words, this means they block out 99% to 100% of all UV radiation, which is harmful to your eyes. This is some of the best protection you can find in eyewear, and believe it or not, you can find it in affordable shades!

  • Polarized lenses: Polarized lenses are some of the most important features you can look for in any pair of sunglasses - not just in an affordable pair. Polarized lenses are treated to filter out certain light, depending on the angle at which it contacts the lens. What this means, in layman's terms, is that polarized lenses cut back on glare, and they do so significantly.

Many cheap pairs of sunglasses look cool, but without polarized lenses, they really just don’t stand up to scrutiny. Looking fine is one thing, but the functionality of polarized lenses, and the glare they cut back, are quite another. Truthfully, the difference in perceived glare between two pairs of sunglasses (one that is polarized and another that isn’t) is like night and day. Polarized sunglasses show colors more brightly and significantly cut down on glare.

  • Extremely tough, shatter, and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses: You’ll also find that a lot of our sunglasses come with polycarbonate lenses, also referred to casually as polycarb. For a long time, glass lenses were the standard. They’re effectively scratch resistant and very tough, but they do break and they just aren’t as safe as composites. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitators, though. Polycarbonate is high impact, extremely tough, very scratch resistant, and durable. It’s just about the best composite lens that money can buy. They’re also very lightweight compared to glass and can be made much thinner, too, which is why you’ll find so many quality pairs of glasses with polycarbonate lenses.
  • Excellent form-fitting features: Another issue a lot of people face when looking for a pair of affordable shades is finding a pair that fit their face shape and structure well. Glasses, in this respect, are a lot like clothing - the same pair will fit two different people very differently.

Luckily, we offer a large variety in our collection of shades and our affordable sunglasses are made to fit and flatter quite a range of face shapes. If you don’t think a certain pair will fit you well, there are many more where it came from to fit the bill.

  • A huge variety of colors, textures, and lens finishes: You just can’t get around the fact that sunglasses are a fashion statement, despite the fact they also provide the function of protecting your eyes from light and glare. Because of that, a collection of sunglasses that doesn’t offer you much in the way of aesthetic appeal will get flat pretty quickly.

Whatever your favorite color is, whether you prefer classic aviator style sunglasses or the dashing look of shield sunglasses, we have something to catch your eye and please your tastes. We also have cool reflective finishes like mirror lenses and offer quite a variety in color and design through our collection. Sunglasses are like shoes and jackets; you don’t just get one pair!

  • When they’re lightweight, yet tough: Again, everyone has their own individual style and preference in sunglasses, especially since they are fashion accessories. However, nearly all shoppers can agree that a pair of lightweight sunglasses should be tough, even if they look fragile and have thin frames. Many of our sunglasses are made with high-quality materials so they can hang with your lifestyle, no matter how active!

An affordable pair of sunglasses shouldn’t be cheaply made, and you won’t find that anywhere in our collection!

  • When they feature unique designs and eye-catching color schemes: Some people prefer aviators. Some people prefer the futuristic look and coverage of shield-style sunglasses. We get it. Others love a bright, electric blue. Some like a sunset orange. Some of you probably want that shiny mirror finish to complete your look - but the frames need to catch your attention, too. Just check our collection of shades and you’ll find something that’ll meet your tastes - cheap sunglasses just won’t cut it.
  • Made for comfort: Have you ever had a bad experience with a pair of cheap drugstore sunglasses or a pair of cheap shades from some minimart? Usually, these cheap off-brands won’t just sit poorly on your face and lack adjustability; oftentimes they’ll pinch your nose or dig into your head by your ears, which is uncomfortable and can even make you sore or give you a headache. We’ve put plenty of time and testing into the development of our shades, and we want to provide more than style - we want them to sit comfortably!
  • Don’t forget the extras!: Finally, don’t forget that all purchases can bring a little bit of extra value to the table. When you buy a pair of sunglasses you’ll need to have a place to store them, right? Whether they’re cheap or expensive, you need to have somewhere safe to stash them when you’re not wearing them! Likewise, sunglasses need care and attention, but some cloths and rags can actually damage the lenses, remove finishes, leave behind annoying lint and dust. You can’t just wipe your lenses with anything!

Many of our pairs of shades come with an included hard case, not those cheap collapsible cases that leave your frames susceptible to getting crushed, as well as a cleaning cloth so you can keep them bright and clear throughout the day!

Activities that Affordable Sunglasses Are Great for

Now that you have a good impression of what it means to be a pair of affordable shades - and that cheap and affordable are not the same thing, by any means - here are some activities that pair nicely with a pair of affordable, classic sunglasses. As you’ll see, you don’t need to break the bank to get quality, and when you pursue any of these following activities, you’ll be glad you didn’t need to do so!

  • Boating, paddling, and watersports: Every boater needs a pair of protective sunglasses, and so does everyone else that pursues watersports. Paddlesports, waterskiing, and just hanging around the water, in general, will require you to invest in a good pair of sunglasses with close to 100% UV protection. Polarization is valuable, too, because it cuts the glare, but here’s the real deal; being on the water means you need to protect your eyes because you’ll be getting exposed to sunlight from above and sunlight bouncing off the surface of the water. Sunglasses are a must, as is quality.
  • Fishing: Fishermen, like boaters, will need a good pair of sunglasses to protect them from the radiation of the sun, but they have an additional need for polarized sunglasses. Sight fishermen, particularly flycasters, need to be able to see beneath the surface of the water, which is something that only a pair of polarized shades can do for you. By the way, a pair of affordable shades is tops for fishermen and boaters because we’ve all lost a pair of shades at one point, and you don’t want to throw out serious bills if you ever do!
  • Skiing and snowsports: Snowboarders and skiers don’t have to see beneath the water, but due to the high albedo of snow, deal with a glare like almost no other participants of outdoor recreation. There is actually such a thing as snow blindness which can temporarily damage your ability to see - and it’s mostly due to glare from the snow. A good pair of sunglasses with excellent UV protection is tops here.
  • Hiking, rock climbing, and camping: Some outdoor sports and recreation take place away from water and snow, but this does not diminish the participants’ need for a good pair of shades. Hikers, campers, runners, horseback riders, and rock climbers can all find a need for a good pair of sunglasses. Particularly in the case of rock climbers, a pair of sports sunglasses will protect your eyes from glare off or rock faces and will also help to keep dust and debris out of your face. Also, just as with fishermen and boaters, if you lose an affordable pair, it’ll cost less to replace them.
  • Backyard sports like cornhole, badminton, and volleyball: Players of backyard games like cornhole and badminton will need a pair of shades, just to stay comfortable outside in the sun. they’ll protect your eyes, and you’ll look your finest, all for less!
  • Barbecues, concerts, and other outdoor gatherings: Do you spend a lot of time at barbecues, at concerts, or at other outdoor events? If so, you’ll need a good pair of shades to protect your eyes and keep you comfortable. There’s little more aggravating than planning to spend a day in the outdoors and then realizing you forgot shades. With an affordable pair, you can keep a spare in your pack or in the glove compartment.

  • Gardening: Believe it or not, the surface of many plants’ leaves actually reflects quite a lot of light, which produces a lot of glare. If you spend a lot of time in the garden during the brighter months of the year, then a pair of sunglasses is a must - particularly a pair that offers good UV protection and cuts back on glare!
  • Just chilling outside: Finally, for anyone that likes to spend time in the sunshine, a pair of sunglasses is basically a necessity rather than a suggestion. Even if it’s only for comfort, you’ll enjoy your time in the outdoors so much more when you can see clearly, your eyes aren’t watering, and you look your finest.

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By the way, in addition to our affordable sunglasses, we also offer uncommon deals in the Steal of the Week section of our website. When you visit us here at Runaways, make sure you check that page, because you never know what might be going on sale. Keep your eye on your favorite pair and check back periodically to see where it stands!

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