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Soft or Hard Cases for Your Sunglasses. Which Is Better?

Soft or Hard Cases for Your Sunglasses. Which Is Better?


Many people lose several pairs of sunglasses every year. They take them off, put them down, and off they go without them. But if you find that perfect pair of sunglasses or actually spend money on a great pair, you want to take care of them.

Putting your sunglasses in a case every time you take them off will not only help protect them, but you are far less likely to lose them. If you bought a nice pair of sunglasses, they may have come with a case.

If you have a preference of cases, that is, between hard or soft, is there much of a difference? Some people do prefer one over the other, and some often have one of each.

Soft or Hard Cases for Your Sunglasses. Which Is Better?

Whether one is actually better or not will likely come down to which you prefer. Some people may need a hard shell as they are out and about, where a soft case will be fine for someone who leaves their glasses at home.

Hard Cases

Hard cases for glasses and sunglasses have a hard, often metal frame and are covered with a hard shell. The outer casing can be flexible or rigid, as they are made from various materials.

Sunglass Cases

They can also have a small clip close or a hinge that allows the case to snap closed. These cases are very durable and will protect your sunglasses against being dropped, squeezed, or sat on.

They will most often have a soft cushioned inside, of felt, crushed velvet, or foam. This keeps them from getting scratched, cracked, or chipped. Great for people who need to take their glasses on and off a lot during their day.

There are few disadvantages to hard cases, although some may be stiff and hard to open or close, or be a bit too bulky for carrying around with you all day.

Soft Cases

Soft sunglasses cases or pouches are great for those who may not need so much protection. They can have an open end that you can just slip your glasses into when you are done, perhaps a zipper, or even a drawstring.

These are great if you have trouble opening stiff cases, or need your glasses a lot during the day. If you tend to be in and out all day, you can keep the soft sunglasses case in your shirt pocket and easily slip the glasses in and out as you need them.


They often have a soft clip on them to keep them secure in your pocket, bag, or attached to the dash of your car. They tend to be smaller and easier to handle over hard cases.

Soft cases don’t offer as much protection to your sunglasses as a hard case can if you lead a rather rambunctious lifestyle. They will keep the lenses protected against scratches and cracks but not being sat on.

Most soft cases will protect the glasses from dropping, but not if they are allowed to slip out. However, most soft cases come with some sort of snap, zipper, or other type of fastener.

Get Both

Most people, when they get to a certain age, tend to have soft and hard cases in the house. Both can certainly have their advantages. Many people like the hard cases for their sunglasses to use when they are out and about.

That way, you can just toss them into the glove box, in your purse, or your drawer at work until you need them later. They will be protected against other items they are placed with and not get broken or scratched.

Sunglass Cases

Soft cases are perfect for once you get home. Take your sunglasses off and put them in a soft case where they will sit unbothered until the next day or next time you need them.

If you are looking to buy a new pair for the season, why not get yourself a pair of Runaways? They not only offer a great selection of fabulous sunglasses, but each pair comes with a hard and a soft case.

Hard Cases and Soft Cases

If you are going to invest in a great pair of sunglasses, or even prescription sunglasses, you should be very conscious of taking care of them. There is no reason why these sunglasses can’t last you several years, rather than several weeks.

Which one is best is really up to you but you may want to consider getting one of each. While you are out you can keep your sunglasses safe inside the hard shell case, and then move them to the soft case once you are home.

Taking care of your sunglasses is easy, so get your cases and protect your favorite pair of sunglasses.

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