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Our 5 Most Colorful Sunglasses

Our 5 Most Colorful Sunglasses


When you are shopping for fashionable accessories, you undoubtedly want the best and most stylish options available. Whether you are looking for jewelry or shoes, you want something to really “wow” your friends, family, and even strangers.

However, you should have accessories that are not only fashionable but also comfortable. That is why at Runaways we pride ourselves on providing all of our customers with sunglasses that are practical, stunning, and easy to wear all day long.

One of the key features of any pair of sunglasses is their color. Many of us want to show off our “cool” sunglasses by wearing a pair that is vibrant and complementary to any outfit and environment.

We have a catalog ripe with some of the most high-quality, eccentric pairs of sunglasses to match all personalities and styles. But, let’s have a look at our five most popular colorful sunglasses so you can be one big step closer to finding your perfect pair.

1.  Street Dreams

As the name suggests, this pair of colorful sunglasses are ideal to wear “in the streets.” The Street Dreams polarized sunglasses are ideal to wear outdoors in various scenarios, from the beach to outdoor games with friends. The UV400 lenses, which provide almost 100% protection from harmful UV rays, are an electric sunset orange, a color to stun the masses.

These protective and stylish lenses are surrounded by a transparent frame, furthering the unique look of these vibrant sunglasses, while the temples are a different finish and color altogether. This part of the sunglasses is black with a matte finish, adding an extra element of style and suavity.

But the colors and uniqueness don’t end there. At the very end of the temples, there is a sudden pop of orange. Talk about stylish vibrancy!

2.  Acid Drop

Looking for a pair of sunglasses to invite the most light to your style while keeping any unwanted light safely out of your eyes? Then look no further than our Acid Drop sunglasses, which we believe is the epitome of “cool.”

The polarized lenses also have UV400 for optimal eye protection, while boasting an eye-catching lagoon green-blue color. The frame perfectly complements the lenses, as it is a white matte design with just a splash of fading green on the temples. Then, at the inside of the edges, there is a hint of blue. Color is at its finest and brightest in this pair of sunglasses! 

3.  Rasta Jams

If you are looking for a vibrant pair of sunglasses that has a larger frame, then our Rasta Jams is the one for you. The lenses are a bright blue-green color with the added protection of polarization and UV400.

The unique lenses on these shades are larger in height and width than the aforementioned two, providing more coverage and even cooler aesthetics. The frames and temples are black nearly through and through, making sure the attention is set on the stunning lenses.

However, there is one unique element to each of the temples: stripes of red, yellow, and green in Rastafarian fashion. Enjoy relaxing with chill vibes in the sun with these fine sunglasses.

4.  Paradise Lost

Ironically, paradise is not lost with this stunning pair of sunglasses, but quite the opposite. Our Paradise Lost shades have UV400 lenses that are a sublime trifecta of purple, blue, and green. They’re ideal for a more active lifestyle, like mountain biking or BMX, as they provide more coverage and protection from surprises, like rocks, mud, and dirt.

The frames and temples are half-black, half-transparent, providing a both unique and complementary “framework” for those popping lenses. Sporting these sunglasses will provide you with a cool, unparalleled style while also protecting you from anything that comes your way.

5.  Nemesis

Now for something extreme: our Nemesis wrap-around sunglasses. This pair is ideal for anyone who is looking to sport something reminiscent of the good ol’ 90’s style. With drastic lines and popping colors, you’ll certainly attain that look with this pair of sunglasses.

The lenses are UV400 like the other pairs mentioned in our list, but also have the unique element of mirror optics. The color is one of the most admirable parts of this pair: rainbow. It mainly has orange, pink, and purple, but these colors melt into others, making them a rainbow from one end to the other.

The frames are white but have an exceptionally cool design: lightning bolts. Instead of the typical straight frames and temples, you could rock lightning bolts. Just bring the thunder and your look will be complete when wearing these!

When you are shopping for colorful sunglasses, you should certainly consider all of our sunglasses as we offer some of the most vibrant yet functional sunglasses on the market. Give us a call at (619) 736-5301 so we can best help you find your dream sunglasses!

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