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Learn What Your Shades Say About You

Learn What Your Shades Say About You


There are several ways you can express yourself and tell people what kind of person you are. One of the least thought about but most effective forms of expressing yourself are what types of sunglasses you choose to wear.

Sunglasses with friends
Sunglasses express your type of character and inform people of your interests and hobbies without words or other forms of communication. There are several types of sunglasses and they all say something different about the people who wear them. Here are the seven most common types and what they could say about you.

Wrap Around Shades

Wrap around sunglasses are great for hiking and outdoor adventures. They tell people that you care about fitness and taking care of your body, as well as going on adventures through a variety of landscapes.

They’re good for all sorts of outdoor activities, including more physically demanding tasks and less physical activities, such as golf. Some people use wrap around shades in place of safety goggles and treat them like equipment.


People who wear aviators often relish Americana and the look of the classic American style. Often paired with jeans and a t-shirt, aviators are loose and comfortable, they provoke feelings of comfort and relaxation.

Aviator Sunglasses
These sunglasses are actually called aviators because they were developed for American pilots in the military. They were developed to protect the eyes from bright sunlight and keep pilots safe while in the sky. Pilots and classic America lovers often wear them to give off vibes of casualness and hanging around.

Chunky and Square

Not all sunglasses are sleek and form fitting. Some are thicker and squared off, creating a unique look of designer streetwear. People who wear this type of sunglasses are often associated with “the streets” such as rappers and other musicians.

They’ve become popular because of their unique look and are strongly associated with designers as well. They offer a bold look for people who want to be noticed and taken seriously wherever they go. They’re one of the coolest sunglass choices if done correctly, though not many can pull off the look.

Thin and Round

thin round sunglasses
On the other side of the spectrum are sunglasses which are thin and round. People who wear these types of sunglasses want to be taken seriously for their smarts and style. They’re sophisticated and are associated with knowledge and a fine and refined lifestyle.

Of course, you don’t have to be a genius to wear these sunglasses but those who wear them are used to enjoying the finer things and life and want people to know about their luxurious tastes and attitudes.


One of the most recognizable types of sunglasses, browlines are often worn by those on Madison Avenue and other places of commerce and business acumen. They’re stylish and expensive, worn by admen and high-level executives.

Browline sunglasses scream expensive tastes and style beyond reproach, which is why they’re worn by many famous people and those with high paying jobs. They were also the most popular style in the 1950s, which is why they’re so widely adopted today.

Browline Sunglasses
Round and Colorful

If you’re looking for a more tinted pair of shades, you’re in luck. These types of sunglasses are usually worn by more relaxed and laid-back types. They’re not quite as “Americana” as the type discussed above, but they’re associated with high-end hippies and other types who love to be creative and inspire others. They’re free thinkers and love to think outside the box.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

These sunglasses are almost exclusively associated with people in the fashion industry, people you’d find wearing fur and attending high-end fashion shows. They’re a bold yet intimate choice to wear during a night out on the town.

You’ll be seen as fashion savvy and be admired by people with the same tastes and inclinations as yourself. They’re refined and purposeful, often paired with clothing which flashes wealth.

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