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How Your Shades Evolved Through History

How Your Shades Evolved Through History


Sunglasses are one of the world’s biggest fashion accessories and you’ll rarely see someone without their favorite pair of shades in hand. However, the fashionable sunglasses that we see today aren’t what sunglasses always were. Sunglasses have evolved over time and now they aren't only used in fashion, but also to protect eyes against harmful UV rays. Let’s take a look at the evolution of sunglasses!


It All Started With Snow Goggles


Funny to think that the first sunglasses that started out protecting eyes were snow goggles, used to protect skier’s eyes from the reflection of the sun off the snow. However, the first snow goggles weren’t anything like sunglasses (besides serving the same purpose) in style. These goggles were made from carved wood and fit tightly across the face. There were thin slits in the wood so that you could see through, not nearly the fashion that we see nowadays.

First Snow Goggles

Eyeglasses Came Along


The next progression towards sunglasses was when eyeglasses were first developed in the 18th century. These eyeglasses were made with wire, holding lenses in place and being put back and strapped behind the ears. At the time, James Ayscough, a man fascinated with eyeglasses, had the idea that different color lenses could further the advancements with eyeglasses.


Next Came Modern Sunglasses


The next step was around the 20th century when sunglasses began to be used for medical purposes. Tinted glasses began to be prescribed to those suffering from syphilis since the tinted glasses eased discomfort for patients. However, around the 1920s it began to be less likely for those with medical conditions to wear sunglasses and more celebrities began to wear them as a fashion statement.

Vintage Sunglasses on Celebrities

The Trend Started


Following in the footsteps of celebrities, the trend of sunglasses started and was here to stay. The demand for sunglasses grew rapidly and soon they were being sold on the beaches. After this, sunglasses became popular everywhere and on anyone, being all the rage. These first sunglasses were different than the pens that we’re familiar with now. Throughout the years, different styles of sunglasses were created and released, all different from the rest.

Trendy Sunglasses

Modern Day Sunglasses


When you think about how far we’ve come from the first pair of sunglasses to sunglasses being what they are now. Sunglasses are known to be a major fashion accessory and are now worn by celebrities and others alike. Although sunglasses have become a major fashion statement, they’re also used to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Trendy shades have become all the rage with being able to protect your eyes while staying in style. Check out all our sunglasses on our website here.

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