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How to Prevent Your Sunglasses from Getting Scratches

How to Prevent Your Sunglasses from Getting Scratches


One of the most precious accessories that we own is a pair of glasses. From the fashion sunglasses that add to your look and protect you against harmful rays of the sun to bifocal glasses that help visualize objects better, eyeglasses' value is unmatched. However, when these unique accessories get scratches, they became a nuisance and can ultimately interfere with your vision.

This is why individuals need to take the necessary preventive measures to protect their glasses from scratches. A simple search on the internet will indicate several ways to get rid of scratches from your sunglasses. However, rather than waiting for your eyewear to get scratched so that you can repair them, the most prudent thing to do is to make sure that they are not scratched from the word go.

Polarized Sunglasses

How Can You Prevent Your Glasses from Getting Scratches?

1. Go for Sunglasses with Anti-scratch and Scratch Resistant Lenses

Although it is nearly impossible to find plastic or glass lenses that are 100% scratch-proof, some sunglasses are covered with a special coating that makes them harder to scratch. These types of glasses come with a label that indicates that they are scratch-resistant. The layers are applied to the front and back lenses during the manufacturing process. Since not all eyewear comes with scratch-resistant lenses, you must go for sunglasses with anti-scratch coatings. It is not like they won’t bulge when hit with a rock, but they won’t scratch when dropped or bruised by hard surfaces.

2. Buy a Case for your Eyeglasses

Sunglass Case

Since it is close to impossible to stay with your sunglasses at all times, getting a specialized case that can help protect them from scratches is imperative. The protective case together with the glasses can be placed in a secure area, such as your desk, purse, handbag, or backpack, where they are not likely to experience any shock.

Removing your glasses and storing them without a protective case makes the lenses susceptible to scratches from hands, sharp items, or rough surfaces. Even if you try to keep the sunglasses away from surfaces, they will still get damaged even if you leave them on top of the table or the bed.

3. Proper Handling

It might be trendy and cool to remove your sunglasses with one hand, but the fact of the matter is, it may end up causing more harm than good to your glasses in the long run. Handling your glasses with one arm not only makes the joint on the frame shaky but also makes the lenses more prone to scratches.

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If you've made it a habit to wear or remove your glasses with one hand, it might be the reason why you keep buying sunglasses after a few months. When taking off or putting on your sunglasses, the most reasonable practice is to use both hands and hold the temples. Actually, using two arms ensures that the joints fold without extra stress and glasses don’t slip and fall on hard surfaces.

4. Proper Cleaning

For most people, cleaning sunglasses entails breathing out with the mouth on the lens and wiping it their handkerchiefs, tissue paper, or shirts. This is entirely wrong. For starters, using the condensed vapor from your mouth doesn't help. What it does is spread the dirt through the entire lens. Additionally, using your shirt or handkerchief to wipe a dry lens can cause some tiny scratches and exacerbate the problem you're trying to avoid.

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The right way to clean your eyewear is to use a soft microfiber cloth and specialized lens cleaner spray. The lens cleaner boasts unique qualities that remove sticky substances, such as oil and sweat, from the lenses giving your glasses the freshest look ever. Alternatively, you can mix some cold water with a drop of liquid soap and use the soft microfiber cloth to rinse the lenses.

5. Remove Your Glasses when Engaging in Activities that May Cause Damage

Sometimes our lenses are scratched when we least expect. When taking a nap, playing with kids in the house, or enjoy some moments with your pets, you may be surprised to find that eyeglasses were scratched. Therefore, before you engage in any activity that you feel may damage your sunglasses, take them off and store them properly in a case.

Sunglasses and kids

6. Set the Glasses Down Properly

Never put your glasses with their lens facing downward unless you are lowering them into the case. If you find yourself in a situation that requires you to remove the sunglasses, make sure that they rest on the surface with the temples open. Glasses are more stable when they are placed upside down with the temples wide open. Also, avoid putting your sunglasses in a place where they can easily collect dirt or get knocked out.

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Final Verdict

As the saying goes, prevention has always been better than cure. Therefore, making sure that you do everything possible to keep your sunglasses free of scratches and cracks should be your ultimate goal. Considering the heartache and pain that scratched lenses can cause, it is vitally essential that you take the precautional steps to maintain their integrity. Ensure you clean your glasses properly, store them in a protective case when not in use, and handle them with care at all times. If you follow these insightful tips, you’ll definitely avoid vision problems brought about by scratched sunglasses in the future.

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