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How to Find the Best Affordable Sunglasses

How to Find the Best Affordable Sunglasses


Before you head off to purchase a pair of sunglasses, whether they are for practical reasons or purely for style, you should know about what you have available to you as a consumer. Unless you have tons of cash to throw around, you are likely interested in finding some of the best affordable sunglasses out there. Before you can narrow down your pool of options, you will first have to identify some of the most important traits that you want to find in your sunglasses. To help you find your most ideal sunglasses, we compiled a list of some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for sunglasses. If you are shopping for a pair that you plan on wearing even somewhat often, then you will want to look for quality, even at a reasonable price point. Runaways is all about quality shades at a fair price, so this is something we have a lot to say about. Get ready to start checking boxes off your list to make sure your next pair is truly the best affordable sunglasses possible.

Trendy Quality Sunglasses


Keep your eye out for sunglasses with a very durable frame. Even if you have a very sturdy case to put them away in, you still do not want to take any chances. It is all too easy to put down your glasses for a moment only to notice something fell on top of them, or even worse, to notice that you sat down right where they were. A durable frame will hold up to natural use over time and even have you covered in case of certain accidents like drops. 

Personal Style

It can be pretty fun finding sunglasses that match your personal tastes. They fit right into your wardrobe so they match the outfits you wear and they seem to just scream your name. When you use your sunglasses as a fashion accessory, it is important that they fit your tastes. And when style is not your main focus, you still benefit from having sunglasses that you enjoy wearing. There is nothing wrong with having a little fun here and there. For something that you feature so prominently on your body, you might as well make it look a little more like you.

Sunglass Style

UV 400 Protection

This is an incredibly important detail to consider. The best affordable sunglasses absolutely must have 100% UV protection. There is no argument about it. If your sunglasses do not feature complete UV 400 protection, then they are not worth wearing. The UV protection shields your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, which can cause eye health problems over time. Both UVA and UVB rays are linked to eye health concerns and should be avoided whenever possible. Thankfully, you can protect your eyes easily with protective sunglasses. And that is not something you need to pay a high price for. Even lower-cost sunglasses should have UV protection. Ones that are worth the time should at least. This is such an important factor to us, that we include UV protection across all of our sunglasses, so you can keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Polarized Sunglasses

Price vs Quality

If there is one detail that you can take away with you today, it is that you do not need to pay a high price for quality. Affordable sunglasses can offer you just as much style and quality as any more expensive ones could. As long as you know what to look for, you can find the best affordable sunglasses for yourself that cut no corners and require no compromises on your end. Your frames should be sturdy and stylish; your lenses should be scratch-resistant and UV protective. At least this one time, you can have it both ways.

All of this should help you on your way to finding the best affordable sunglasses for your personal needs and preferences. You can focus more on one than the other, but these are all great traits to have in mind when shopping. If you are more interested in using your sunglasses as a fashion statement, then style may weigh the heaviest, and if practicality and longevity are more important to you, the durability of the sunglasses and the lenses matter most. All of these details are simply here to help you put the pieces together in deciding what makes the best sunglasses for you, at an affordable price point.


You do not have to break the bank in order to get your hands on high-quality sunglasses. That is something that Runaways stands by thoroughly. All of these ideal traits can and do exist within affordable sunglasses. In fact, we are glad that we are able to offer products that prove just that so that you and others in a similar position will know that they can have it all. They can have style, strength, quality, and affordability all in one. Just take a look at the sunglasses we have to offer and you can see for yourself. This is what it means to shop for the best affordable sunglasses.

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