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Colorful Sunglasses: Styling with a Spotlight on Quality

Colorful Sunglasses: Styling with a Spotlight on Quality


As we covered in a recent blog post, your sunglasses can make a statement about you. As an extension of your ensemble, your sunglasses can either take center stage, settle for a supporting role, or work as a highlighting accessory, like an accent piece.

Here at Runaways, we are serious about shades, and not just about the look. We aim to create the ultimate eyewear for people from all walks of life, from backyard chillers and grillers to motivated disciples of outdoor pursuits like cycling and paddlesports.

That means we’ve created a pretty distinct lineup of unique color sunglasses that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, with quality features that put them on par with the best in the industry.

They have a lot of class, too, and we were unafraid to really go for the gold with some of our colorful designs. This short guide will give you some insight into the types of sunglasses we offer, how to pair them up for a truly stunning look, and what qualities set them apart from other colorful shades that offer color, but not much else.

Colorful Sunglasses and Style

The beautiful thing about colorful sunglasses is that color is not the only determiner. There are so many different styles of shades, and each one has its own character. There’s no way to gloss over the fact that the style of the shades make a very pronounced impression on fashion.

Only consider the stark difference that exists in impression between a style such as, say, Wraparounds and small, round sunglasses, that have almost a John Lennon-esque vibe. They could be more different, even if the frames and lens were treated in the same manner and were colored accordingly.

There is a lot wrapped up in the mix of how sunglasses are styled, and you should first pay attention to this because it will impact the design as directly as the color of the frames and lenses themselves.

  • Aviators

Aviators are a classic style and one that probably doesn’t need an introduction. They were popularized by military pilots who frequently wore them in the first half of the last century, and they’re highly effective at blocking out the sun, with their big lenses.

Aviator Sunglasses

Today, you don’t need a pilot to enjoy the look of aviators - you just need to appreciate that retro-ish, classic style they provide. Originally American, it’s easy to pair up aviators with accessories and outfits.

  • Wraparound and shield sunglasses

Modern, dashing and attention-grabbing, wraparound and shield glasses make an impression like no other. Covering a wide area across your field of view and depending on the style, wrapping around to the side of your face (hence the name) wraparound and shield sunglasses are even better at shading your eyes than aviators.

They’re also attention-grabbing like no other, but despite this, they’re not always worn solely for their fashion sense. They’re also highly popular among outdoor enthusiasts because they can sometimes be used in lieu of safety glasses since they provide a decent amount of protection from the sun and environment.

  • Small, round sunglasses

Small, round sunglasses are all about style. They don’t provide the same level of coverage as the first two entries, but their minimalist appeal and very urban look are appealing to lots of people around the country.

Elegant, and perhaps a bit avant-garde, round sunglasses are the style you choose when you want to create the image of sophistication and refinement. You’ll be as likely to see these in high fashion as elsewhere.

  • Wayfarer style

Wayfarer-style sunglasses are sort of like a hybrid between sport sunglasses and rectangular sunglasses, preserving some of the appeals of trendier looks as round glasses - but not as much.

These are the types of shades you might want to wear if you appreciate fashion, but are alright with scaling it back a little, but not as far as with sport glasses. Their lines are slightly rounded and their angles are not as harsh, so they’re pretty practical for working into a whole range of different settings.

  • Rectangular and square sunglasses

Rectangular sunglasses, more specifically harshly angled, square sunglasses, actually occupy a niche in fashion that is sort of closer to round sunglasses than the other entries here. They’re associated with performers, designers and others who are linked to high fashion and society. If you want a look that will garner you attention for your sense of style, rectangular sunglasses might be the ticket.

  • Sport sunglasses

Sport sunglasses are everyman’s sunglasses - they’re practical, afford good coverage, and useful for a wide range of outdoor activities, from boating to barbecuing to just plain lounging around.

It’s a classic look, but not as classic as round sunglasses or aviators, but if you like them, there’s nothing like it. There are a lot of cool factors associated with sport sunglasses, even if this style has become almost plain.

  • Other styles

In addition to these styles, here at Runaways, we also feature a variety of other shapes and designs, including but not limited to browlines, cat-eye sunglasses and many others - all of which offer a distinct sense of personality.

Sunglasses and surfing

Mixing and Matching Color

If you’re out here for a new pair of colorful sunglasses, don’t forget just a few basic rules of design and color theory. If you remember these, you can really put our advice in the next section into practice.

First, there are two main things to consider in addition to the style of the sunglasses. The color and finish on the lenses, and the color and character of the frames themselves. Both of these aspects of color can be artfully incorporated into, even used to underscore, your ensemble.

Remember the value of shine. A pair of shades with mirror-finished lenses will add a ton of flash to your outfit, which is presumably something you’d specifically be going for. If the lenses are colored mirror-finished lenses, you can use this to your advantage while mixing and matching.

Remember the value of complementary colors. If your shades have mirror-finished orange or reddish lenses, then consider adding something blue into your outfit, especially if you want it to “pop.” This cheap trick of complementary colors will add tons of depth, and even more contrast, to your outfit.

Finally, remember the value of harmony. You don’t need to make all of the bright colors of your outfit play off of each other. If you’re looking for something subdued and cool, try to create an outfit that works together and has less contrast. Cool colors with cool colors, warm with warm, and neutrals like gray, black and white with similar neutrals.

How You Can Rock ‘Em

Beyond the fact that you can create varying effects for your outfit by manipulating the color of your chosen clothing and accessories, there are a ton of ways in which you can work cool pair of shades into the design - all associated with how you wear them and how you utilize them as a fashion accessory.

If your Runaways Colorful Sunglasses are the hottest item in your ensemble, let them take the prize. Don’t mute them with other loud clothing and accessories. Simplify it. Wear a white t-shirt and skip the other accessories. Let the shades shine.

You can also complement the sunglasses with similarly fitted accessories. Loud sunglasses can work with loud jewelry, or a hat, or even a bright handbag with brass or silver tacks or ornaments. Make the whole outfit pop.

Don’t forget that you can also use the highlights of a graphic t-shirt to create another layer of appeal for your outfit. Pick out a graphic that has subtle highlights or notes that are in line with the shades, pair them up, and be dazzled by the effect.

Also, there are a lot of ways that you can use a pair of shades as a wonderful accessory, even if you aren’t wearing them on your face. When using them solely for their fashion sense, or at nighttime, there’s a lot you can do with them.

We didn’t design our colorful shades for nothing - and we expect them to steal the show - but the sun is only out for about half of the day, and we don’t expect them to take a backseat at night.

Flip them over and set them on the top of your hat’s brim. They’ll keep adding color and complexity to your outfit long into the night after the sun has set. They’ll be the light of the afterparty.

You can also turn a pair of colorful shades into an equally colorful accessory by clipping them to your shirt or jacket. They’ll be front and center, for all to see, and will add color, movement and glitter to your outfit, just like a pendant or other neckwear would.

As you can see, there is an immense amount of versatility and freedom that accompanies a pair of cool, colorful shades that have been well selected with respect to your face shape and your personal preferences. Yet the thing about our shades is that we don’t call the game at fashion - we keep going with quality and we cover every base.

Fashion and Form: We Cover Both

Stylish and suave, our colorful sunglasses will be your greatest fashion asset wherever you go - but here’s what we can offer on the grounds of quality.

  • UV Protection

Part of the electromagnetic spectrum, UV, or ultraviolet light, is a class of very high frequency, short-wavelength rays that the sun emits. Much of this is filtered out through the upper atmosphere, but some make their way to the surface of the earth.

UV light, specifically UVA light, is responsible for producing a tan in human skin, and sunbathers specifically seek it. However, overexposure, as well as exposure to UVB, is implicated in the formation of cancer cells. It can also be damaging to your eyes, as they are highly sensitive.

Many of our sunglasses have lenses that feature UV400 protection, which means that 99-100%v of UVA light is blocked out. It blocks out all wavelengths of light shorter than 400 nm, ensuring that your eyes are adequately protected against the harmful incidence of UV exposure.

Polarized Sunglasses

  • Polarized Lenses

Many of our sunglasses are also available with polarized lenses. Polarized lenses are treated with a special coating that helps to filter out light rays that strike the lens at a certain angle. Since it cuts out excess light, the result is that polarized lenses significantly reduce glare.

Put on a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses the next time you are on the water, and you’ll feel almost like you have X-ray vision. They’ll enable you to see more clearly, even under the surface of the water.

  • Tough Construction

Many of our shades feature construction with polycarbonate lenses and frames, a remarkably durable, tough synthetic material that is shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant, and extremely strong. Polycarbonate, often referred to as polycarb, is one of the most valuable, durable materials commonly used in the production of sunglasses, and is a true asset.

  • Compatible with Many Different Face Shapes and Sizes

Finally, our large collection of colorful sunglasses features shapes, sizes and designs that will flatter any face shape. Sunglasses are just like clothing in the respect that no single pair will fit two different people the same way. You have to try them on for size - but rest assured, there is enough diversity in our collection to find something you like!

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